The Ultimate Digital Wedding Planner


Say ‘I Do’ to Stress-Free Wedding Planning with our Digital Wedding Planner! Unleash your inner wedding planner extraordinaire with our Canva-powered templates and streamline your journey to the perfect wedding day. This all-in-one resource offers customizable templates, budgeting tools, seating arrangements, and more. Accessible from any device, it’s the ultimate companion for modern brides-to-be. Start planning the wedding of your dreams today!


**All weddings booked will receive this wedding planner for FREE**


This product can be used for Commercial or Personal Use!

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Turn your wedding dreams into reality with our fabulous and modern template to create your Digital Wedding Planner. Our all-in-one solution makes wedding planning a breeze, offering a bunch of cool features like easy-peasy drag-and-drop decor inspiration and setup, a snazzy reception floor plan, and total customization options.

Our planner is like your BFF through every step of your wedding journey. Whether you’re on a budgeting mission, crafting your guest list, playing seat arrangement Tetris, nailing down your timeline, or keeping tabs on vendor contacts, we’ve got your back.

Every page is designed to make planning feel as smooth as butter on a hot toast.

But wait, there’s more! We’ve thrown in some extra goodies, too. You can whip up a Guest Magazine with our Template Pages, a Digital Wedding Itinerary, and a comprehensive Wedding Planning Guide.

And guess what? Our planner’s sleek and timeless design plays nice with whatever vibe you’re vibing for your big day. You can hop onto Canva and work your magic on this planner from your laptop, phone, or tablet.

Convenience level: Expert!

Don’t wait any longer to simplify your wedding planning journey. Take that leap of joy today and create memories that’ll be legendary!


  • 100+ Canva planner template pages Hyperlinked With Index
  • 2 planner covers
  • 4 pages to tell your story
  • 9 pages for inspiration/mood boards
  • 32 planning pages with checklists
  • 6 Budget Trackers
  • 4 Timelines
  • 5 Guest + Lodging
  • 4 Food + Drink Pages
  • 4 Venue Pages
  • 3 Vendor Pages
  • 4 Additional Decor + Ambiance
  • 5 Photo + Video Pages (including shot lists)
  • 5 Attire + Beauty
  • 4 Seating Charts + Logistics
  • Officiant, Gift Tracker, and More