Hotel Pitch Master: Email Templates for Winning Collaborations (Ebook)


Hey there, adventure-seekers and people that are wanting to make a living doing something they actually LOVE! 🌍✈️ Ready to land those dreamy hotel collabs? “Hotel Pitch Master” is here to be your BFF in this journey. Packed with 8 fab email templates and super cool content tips, this ebook is your secret weapon to make your hotel pitch game strong and get those “Yes, let’s collaborate!” responses. Dive in and transform your pitch into an irresistible magnet for amazing hotel stays. Let’s get those doors opening for you! 🚪🌟



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What’s up, amazing humans! 🌈 Are you ready to step up your hotel collab game? Say hello to “Hotel Pitch Master: Email Templates for Winning Collaborations” – your new go-to guide for crafting email pitches that hotels can’t resist!

I’m Anela, and I’ve been exactly where you are – dreaming of those perfect hotel stays and wondering how to get my foot in the door. That’s why I put together this kick-butt ebook just for you. It’s like having a coffee chat with me, but about how to win at the hotel collaboration game.

Here’s what’s inside this gem:

💌 8 Swipe-Worthy Email Templates: I’m handing over my personal collection of email templates that have opened doors (and hotel rooms) for me. They’re fun, easy to personalize, and super effective – like having a cheat sheet for your email pitches!

📝 Content Tips That Shine: We’re talking insider tips on making your pitch stand out. It’s all about showcasing your unique flair and making hotel brands go “Wow, we need this person!”

🌴 O’ahu Guide Peek: Get a glimpse of how your experiences can turn into captivating content with my O’ahu guide sample. It’s all about turning your adventures into stories that brands love.

Whether you’re a travel content newbie or a pro wanderluster, this ebook is your golden ticket to landing those hotel stays you’ve been dreaming about. No more guesswork, no more “what do I write?” – just straight-up, effective strategies that work.

So, what are you waiting for? Grab your copy, get comfy, and let’s start making some email magic happen! 🚀💬